How to teach a child reading in 14 easy steps

Research suggests that children start reading not with the alphabet - the first step is sight reading. It is a way of recognizing objects and words without knowing any letters...

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When should you start teaching your child reading?

So when is not “too early” but not “too late” at the same time?

Let’s look at conventional wisdom. More and more often you are told these days that you can start teaching your...

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Dyslexia in children: testing and ways to help a child

Dyslexia is a condition characterized by an inability to read properly - to distinguish letter sounds and to decode letter sounds into separate words. You can diagnose...

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Why this is one of the best reading programs for kids?

We would like to introduce you to one of the best reading programs for kids. It’s unique and does not have analogies among other online reading programs and websites. This reading program for kids is based on various early childhood education research, our observations in numerous daycares and our own experience as early childhood educators.

This reading program gives you comprehensive knowledge of how to teach a child to read yourself at the comfort of your own home with the best reading strategies and techniques available.

In addition, we have witnessed how early childhood curriculum is prepared in many different types of child care centers – Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, project-based daycares, etc. Every daycare uses different approaches in teaching reading - we observed what worked and what did not and found the most efficient and powerful way to teach a child to read.

This free reading program includes 14 steps you need to focus on – they are your reading milestones.

In order to achieve success in teaching reading, you need to follow the 14 reading steps and complete appropriate reading activities. As they are like pieces of a puzzle until you collect all of them you are not going to get a clear picture. Besides, for every reading step, are included various activities to enhance children’s reading skills. This is your base, where you need to start.

Also, so you have something to look forward to - we will be posting more reading activities and useful tips on how to teach a child reading in our blog frequently! Follow us on social media not to lose a page or subscribe below, as much more amazing material is coming! We hope you are as excited as we are to start this journey of teaching a child reading. Hop on and let’s explore this reading journey together!

Fun Reading Games - teaching reading made easy!

Reading games and activities that will bring results!