9 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Read

A boy in a blue shirt is reading a book.

Reading is a truly enjoyable process for some. But not for little ones who are just learning how to read. That’s why it is very important to use the right strategies and techniques to encourage your child to read. Let’s turn reading into your child’s new passion!

These are some simple rules that you can follow to encourage your child to read:

  1. Don’t be pushy. Do not make your child read just for the sake of it. Reading should be like a special occasion for your child! Your child might refuse to read certain books or play certain games. And that is his/her choice that you need to respect.
  2. Follow his/her interests. Your child needs to be interested in the subject of the book. Always follow your child’s interests when choosing a book or activity for him/her.
  3. Set an example. Read for pleasure yourself. When your child sees how much you enjoy reading he/she will naturally try to copy your actions.
  4. Find the right books. Find books that are appropriate for your child’s age. It should have larger print, many pictures, be bright and exciting.
  5. Book club. Create a book club for your child. Then invite his/her friends and ask them to bring their favorite books! Help them discuss their books and ask questions. Afterward, involve all children in some fun physical activities.
  6. Follow up activities. After your child read a book create follow up activities. Make a felt story or set up a drama play with characters from your child’s favorite book.
  7. Be the writer. Create a book together with your child. It can be a picture book (contains only pictures and no words) or book with pictures and words. Then ask your child about the theme, characters, and actions of your book.
  8. Photo books. Another great way of encouraging your child to read is by creating photo books! When you go to the park or playground take some pictures. Later on, print them out. Glue them in a notebook or on a big poster paper. Ask your child to retrieve a sequence of events and add some text to your photo book. Lastly, tell a story of that day together with your child!
  9. Rewards. Whenever your child finishes reading a book have a celebration! Take him/her for ice cream or pizza. Showing your child that you are proud of his/her achievements will boost their self-esteem and promote the love of reading.

Two boys are reading book.

Reading can be and should be fun! Reading together with your child is very rewarding and enjoyable!