Our Story

This website is made by professionals for parents with keeping children's best interests in mind.

We are a team of professional Early Childhood Educators, who are passionate about teaching reading. We were searching for a faster, better and easier way to teach a child reading. That is why we completed numerous observations in multiple daycares - to see which approach is working and which one is not.  By combining our observations with numerous Early Childhood Education research and scientific facts we found the best way to teach a child reading in just 14 steps.

Teaching reading is made easy in our 14 steps reading program.

Our Philosophy

We believe in children doing their best at learning. We believe in parents doing their best at teaching and educating their children.

We believe the only thing that goes wrong in between is a lack of educational materials that are based on science, facts and conventional wisdom.

We believe that by using right materials parents can teach their children reading at home much faster that it can be done in a daycare.

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