“Four Seasons” Reading Activity For Preschoolers

A trea in four seasons of the year.

This reading activity for preschoolers is such an interesting way to teach your child reading. Remember, that your child is just learning about this world! Everything that is ordinary for us, parents, for children it is unique and extraordinary. That is why I love "Four seasons" reading activity – I want a child to learn more about every season, to learn how to cherish and enjoy the natural beauty around us.

“Four Seasons Of The Year” Reading Activity

There are four seasons in a year, four seasons that are showing us how nature is changing. With every season nature is changing but still staying beautiful no matter what!

That is why I decided to create a poster paper collage reading activity that is called “Four Season Of The Year”. Poster paper is easy to find, for example, in the Dollar Store you can get it at a very low price (I got mine for 50 cents a piece). Poster paper will give you some space to work with!

Two pots with fresh seasonal greens.


  1. Start by writing together with your child “Four Season Of The Year” on a poster paper. Ask your child what letter comes first, and what letter he/she thinks comes next. Ask him/her to write it with some broken crayons. Using broken crayons for writing will improve your child’s writing grip and help them to learn to write faster.
  2. Next, divide a poster paper into four areas – for each season of the year. In the middle, I put the Earth. Ask your child what he/she thinks Earth looks like and what shape it is? It will be great for your child to learn more about the world around him/her!
  3. Ask your child what season it is now. Go outside, and depending on the season collect/do things that represent the season of the year. For instance, for winter you can start snowball games or play in the snow with your child, even bring some snow home (don’t worry that it will melt – it is part of the learning process). For summer and spring, it can be various new flowers that you observed blossoming outside; trees changing colors. For fall it can be the vibrant red and yellow leaves that are falling off trees. Collect some seasonal items and glue them to your poster.
  4. Then, ask your child what are the other seasons in a year. Write down together the name of every season, you will need to help your child to spell it letter by letter.
  5. Give your child crayons and ask him/her to draw things that represent every season opposite to the name of the season. Your child might draw a Christmas tree, flowers, sunshine, sea, trees, green grass, etc.
  6. Afterward, ask your child about everything he/she drew. Teach your child how to spell every word he/she mentioned and replicate these words using alphabet blocks or alphabet cards.
  7. Hang your poster at your child’s eye level. Somewhere he/she can often see it. That will help your child to remember words and serve as a memory booster about all the information your child has learned during this reading activity for preschoolers.

 Yellow leaves that can be used during "Four Seasons" reading activity for preschoolers.

During this reading activity for preschoolers, your child will be learning new terms about seasons, nature and weather which will help your child to learn how to read. He/she will be writing many words and drawing many objects from their memory. This is very important for the development of their language, vocabulary, writing, and social skills. Your child will be learning about the world around him/her and its natural diversity!