Healthy Foods For Kids Activity for 3-5-Year-Olds

Healthy foods for kids - potatoes.

Healthy Foods for kids activity is very important in order to bring children’s awareness of the importance of eating healthy.

Everyone is familiar with this saying – “We are what we eat”. And it is hard not to agree to the above. The nutrients we get from food influence the way we feel, look and behave. Is it the same when we are talking about our kids?

Not surprisingly, a balanced diet is even more important for kids. A child’s immune system is being formed from birth to up to 6 years of age. It means what your child is eating now will affect his/her overall health their entire life.

Therefore, you need to let your child know why it is so important for him/her to eat fruits and vegetables and choose healthy snacks. And the best way to do it is by introducing Healthy Foods for kids activity.

During healthy foods for kids activity, your child will need to finish various sentences.

A child is eating healthy foods - fruits and vegetables.

Materials: white paper, construction paper, scissors, markers, and a glue stick.


  1. Cut a white piece of paper to create small forms. One piece of paper should be enough for about three forms.
  2. With a marker write simple sentences on the forms. For example:

“A fruit that is full of vitamin C is…” (an orange).

“A healthy orange vegetable that is good for your eyes is called …” (a carrot).

“Fruits and vegetables are full of …” (vitamins).

“Eating a lot of vitamins makes you …” (healthy).

  1. Cut from the construction paper different shapes or names to finish sentences in your forms (An orange, a carrot, vitamins, healthy). Use bright colors and make them visually appealing.
  2. You can start by asking your child the following questions – “What do you know about healthy options”; “What would you call healthy”? “What are vitamins”?
  3. Give your child forms one by one and read them together. Ask him/her to find the missing word from what is available.

Healthy Foods for kids activity is a great way for 3-5 year-olds to learn new words and phrases about a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food. You can continue teaching about the importance of eating healthy with a felt set. Cut fruits and vegetables from a felt paper as it will be a great visual instrument.

Through learning new words children are learning about the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables. Undoubtedly, children will expand their vocabulary and learn new words during this activity. Which is very important in order to teach a child to read.

While completing this activity, children will experience new feelings; they will recognize, accept and express a wide range of emotions.