Internet Safety For Children: What You Need To Know

Internet safety for children is a top priority for most parents these days. Internet could be a great tool for educating your child while allowing you to have a moment for yourself. For instance, there are a number of educational Youtube channels that aim to teach your child the alphabet, nursery rhymes, children’ songs, etc. Moreover, in order to entertain and educate your children online, we have started our own channel – “Pino Baby – Nursery Rhymes And Children’s Songs”. We use a proven method of sight-reading in order to teach children reading in the fastest possible way.

The Internet gives us plenty of possibilities these days. We can watch a movie, go to the library, get a new book and a pair of shoes – and all of these from the comfort of our own couch. However, at the same time, the Internet has hidden dangerous of what your child might see there. Many children could get frightened, experience nightmares, insomnia and anxiety often after just a peek at horror movie or an inappropriate scene. Often online advertisements are made to catch our attention with inappropriate pictures and offers. All of these could affect your child psychological development and have a harmful effect on his/her early development.

In order to avoid the potential negative effect of the Internet and only use its benefits, you should start implementing Internet Safety for children.

Children's Internet Safety Tips:

  • Youtube videos are great! But not all of them are appropriate for kids. To make sure your child is seeing only what he/she is supposed to see and set “Restricted mode” on Youtube. You can find it under Settings if you click on your profile icon on Youtube.

Internet safety for children on Youtube.

  • If you sharing a computer, laptop or a mobile phone with your child you can add a separate account for him or her. To set a separate account for your child on your Mac go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Choose the yellow sign that says Parental Control. You can modify what hours your child can use this computer, his/her Internet use (Safari browser) and apps they are downloading.

Internet safety for children macbook settings. Parental control settings on mac.

  • In order to set parental control on a Windows computer go to Settings. Then, choose Family & other users and press Add a family member. Lastly, press Add a child.
  • On an Android phone, you can set restrictions on your child’s Google Play Account and manage what apps, music, and books your child is downloading.
  • You can add restrictions directly in the browser as well. In Chrome, you can add “Online Safety by Safety” which is a free tool provided by Chrome that aims to protect you and your family and provide you safe browsing experience. Here you can filter out adult-oriented and inappropriate content.
  • You can set separate accounts on your iPhone and iPad by creating new accounts for your child. Go to General Settings and choose Passwords & Accounts. Then, press Add Account.
  • To set parental control on iPhone and iPad go to settings and turn the Screen Time on. Then, choose Content & Privacy Restrictions and enter your passcode. Here you can choose apps that are allowed and block all inappropriate content.

Internet restricted mode on Youtube.

  • If your child has a social media account make sure to set it to appropriate privacy settings. You can change their privacy settings and modify who can text your child, see their pictures, etc. You can read more about specific social media sites and their privacy settings below.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Instagram Privacy Settings

Twitter Privacy Settings

Pinterest Privacy Settings

  • Make sure your child knows that the online world is similar to the real world. There are good and bad people out there too. Your child should not speak to anyone he/she doesn’t know. It is the same as speaking to the strangers on the street that should be always avoided.
  • Remember, your child should not share his/her passwords with anybody, even friends and teachers. Only parents should know their sensitive information.
  • Lastly, teach your child to always tell you if there is anything they saw on the Internet that makes them uncomfortable.

The Internet has opened a new era of endless possibilities in leisure, studying and discovering. However, it comes with the dangers of "seeing too much too soon". Internet safety for children is very important especially for kids of younger age. Make sure to set all appropriate restrictions on the devices your child is using. However, keep in mind that no filters could guarantee your child’s complete Internet safety. Often parents supervision together with Internet restrictions work the best!