Kids’ Birthday Party: Tips And Ideas

A little girl in pink is celebrating her Birthday.

Your kids' birthday party could be a fun and memorable event. On the other hand, if the birthday party is not planned properly it could become a real nightmare!

Keep in mind that children of all ages (toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners) need to be occupied and supervised at all times in order for a party not to become a living nightmare. If left unattended kids could start playing their own games, for instance, running around your house while damaging all your valuables. Sounds like a fun game for them, but maybe not so much for you!

Therefore, the first rule of a birthday party preparation is to always keep children occupied. That is why you need to create a kids' birthday party agenda. Furthermore, when you send out party invitations (either by letter or email) you can add your agenda to it. This way parents and children will be more prepared for what to expect: what clothes to wear, how much time the birthday celebration will take and what the activities will be like.

Here is an example of what birthday party agenda could look like.

Birthday Party Agenda

14:00 Guests are arriving at the birthday party.

14:30 Gathering at the table for lunch.

15:00 Birthday cake: singing Happy Birthday song and making a wish.

15:30 Opening presents.

16:00 Music activities for kids.

16:30 Physical games for kids.

17:00 Watching a cartoon or a children’s movie.

18:00 Party is over (sad face): hugs and goodbyes.

You can check for more games and activities for kids here to see what fits your need the best. It is good to have an agenda so parents can dress up children accordingly. For instance, if there will be drawing activities parents can take an apron or a change of clothes. If there are physical activities parents can choose more sporty clothes for their children to wear, etc. Setting out the end of the party time is good in order to eliminate misunderstandings and awkward moments.

Usually, parents accompany children to the party, especially if kids are still very young or till about 5 years of age. It is worth noting that it is considered a good gesture to invite children’s parents to the party even after that. You can set up a separate little area for parents with a few appetizers and adult drinks.

Kids' birthday party decorations.


Sending, or handing out invitations at least two weeks before the birthday is considered etiquette in the kids' birthday party's world. You can make birthday party invitations yourself for free on this great website – Then you can either sent them out by emails or print them out and hand out the printed versions at the preschool or playground.

Birthday Party On A Budget

If you are looking for cheap birthday party ideas then celebrating at home is your best option. You can easily have a party for 5-7 kids and their parents for just under $100. Start stocking up ahead and look for sale items. Frozen pizzas, tortilla chips, juices – keep it simple! Check out the Dollar store! It offers a variety of cheap snacks and birthday party decorations as well. Don’t spend a fortune on a cake from a fancy bakery! You can get a large birthday cake from a grocery store for as little as $20 with candles included.

Kids' Birthday Party At Home

A mother is bitting a cake at the kids' birthday party.

Your own home is a great place to have a birthday party - it is actually one of the best free party venues out there! You can choose from various activities and games for kids. Choose activities that will be entertaining for kids and be ready to entertain. If you don’t feel comfortable with an idea of entertaining five to ten preschoolers don’t worry! Instead of organizing activities create a movie night! Rent a new animated kids' movie! Children get excited easily about many very simple things and cartoons are just one of them! Don’t put the role of a preschool teacher/ entertainer on yourself if you are not comfortable with it. Take it easy and do not forget to celebrate the moment yourself as well!

How Can I Make It More Fun?

If you want to add some sparkle to your party think about your party theme. How about animals? Ask children to dress up as their favorite animals. Think about different games where kids can show how their animals behave and what they like to do.

Want to keep it simple? Just set a color as your kid’s birthday party theme. Try to get as many items of that color as possible. For instance, if your color is pink, ask the kids to wear something pink to the birthday party. Sent out invitations in the color you have chosen. Get a pink cake, marshmallows, gummy bears, candies, cookies, etc. Decorate your house with pink balloons and you are all set to celebrate!

Nothing is more fun than goody bags! Get a goody bag for each child. You can put anything in them. However, try putting items that are in individual packaging to avoid health risk concerns. Chocolates, candies, lollipops – are among the most popular goody bags items.

Even if it is your first Kids' Birthday party, don’t worry! With a little planning and preparation, you can organize a fun party that will be memorable not only for kids but their parents too!