Kids’ Lunch Box: 6 Ideas To Make Your Life Easier

Hello Kitty lunch box for kids.

While preparing a lunch box for our kids sometimes we run out of ideas. What to put in the lunch box that is fresh, delicious and nutritious? The diet of our children needs to be full of vitamins, nutrients, and various microelements. That is why it is important to plan your lunch boxes ahead!

It might be a good idea to create a simple lunch box menu for an entire week. This way you can pick up all the required groceries over the weekend and don't worry about your kids' lunchboxes!

6 Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Weekly Menu. Creating a weekly menu is easy! Think about your favorite meals and write them down. This would help you with planning your adult meals and grocery shopping too.

Your child's lunch box usually consists of 5 to 6 compartments. One or two of them are fresh fruits, two others are different kinds of fresh vegetables, one for protein, and one for healthy carbs accompaniments. You could use your dinner leftovers to fill the protein and healthy carbs compartments. However, your fruits and vegetables need to be cut fresh, either the last thing in the evening or, preferable, cut fresh in the morning. Treats, cookies, and chocolate could be a part of your child's lunch box. Your weekly lunch box menu could look like this.

Weekly menu planner with pencils.

Monday: Chicken with pasta, fresh cucumbers, and tomatoes, half an orange, raisins.

Tuesday: Shepard’s pie, coleslaw, celery, grapes and strawberries, two small chocolate cookies.

Wednesday: Pork and mash potatoes, spinach, mandarins, and blueberries.

Thursday: Cheese and ham sandwich, lettuce, bell peppers, pineapple, and a small blueberry cake.

Friday: Fish and couscous, baby arugula, apples, and raspberries.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables. Always try to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your kids' lunchbox. If your child doesn't like to eat vegetables you can try to explain the importance of vitamins to him/her with an entertaining Healthy Foods activity. Whenever you have a choice between canned or fresh, you should always lean towards fresh. Canned fruits and vegetables have a number of added sugars and preservatives, moreover, their nutrient level is not as high as in fresh produce.

Treats. Treats are an important part of the enjoyment for children. Some preschools and daycares don’t allow chocolate consumption at their locations because that might make kids excessively hyper. However, there are many other food options you could use as treats– oatmeal cookies, fruit cakes, puddings, and mousses. Treats are important for children and should not be eliminated from their lunch boxes.

Thermos. It is a great idea to keep your child's hot and cold food separately. If you buy a small portable thermos your child will never worry about warming his/her food ever again.

Thermos for kids.

Drinks. It is a good idea to add your child’s favorite drink to the lunchbox. Either juice, regular or chocolate milk might be a nice addition to your child’s lunch box.

Water bottle. It is very important that your child stays hydrated for 6 to 10 hours that he/she is away from you. Having their own water bottle will make sure that your child gets fresh and purified water frequently.

Preparing your kids' lunch box could be an exciting task where you can show your creativity. Planning ahead, making weekly lunch menus, adding fresh fruits and vegetables together with interesting drinks and treats could make lunch box preparation exciting for both you and your kids!