Learning Numbers Game For Active Kids

Learning numbers outdoor with colorful chalk on the pavement.

Learning numbers at an early age can be important for the future development of your child. Especially if numbers are learned during a fun and exciting outdoor game for kids!

Usually, kids learn numbers in kindergarten, but it will be beneficial for preschoolers to start learning numbers as well. It can even make it easier for them to understand math and logical concepts better at the school.

With spring approaching it is getting harder to keep kids indoors. And why to? It is much healthier to learn how to count outside in the fresh air!

A child's foot on the pavement with chalk drawings.

Counting Numbers Game

For this game, you will need a paved area and various colors of chalk. If you have your own paved yard – that will be ideal. If not, pay a visit to some park or playground.

  1. Before you start playing with your child draw numbers from 1 to 10 on the pavement in the shape of a circle. In the circle leave the space in the center empty and draw numbers on the edge of the circle.
  2. Draw convex numbers leaving the inside of each number empty.
  3. Ask your child to fill numbers with various colors chalk.
  4. When your child is filling numbers tell him/her what each number is.
  5. Once all the numbers are painted – it is time to start the game.

Various colors chalk.

Rules Of The Number Game For Kids

  1. There should be at least two players in the game – they stand in the center of the circle with numbers around them.
  2. The first player (you) calls out a number from 1 to 10. That is a number to which your child needs to get to. Then you should add in what manner you want him/her to get there – jumping on the right foot like a “slow tortoise”, or jumping on two feet like a “fast rabbit”, walking slowly like a “lazy cat”, etc.
  3. The second player (your child) needs to get to the number that you called out in a manner that you have chosen – jump like a rabbit, walk like a cat, etc.
  4. Then it is your child's turn to call out a number for you. And your child chooses the number and the manner in which you should get to that number – walking, jumping on one foot or running like a certain animal.

This game gets really fun when players choose hilarious ways for each other to get to their numbers.