Literacy Activities For Preschoolers With Magic Box


Animated leters L,I,K,E and children around them

Literacy activities for preschoolers are very important in the overall process of teaching a child reading.

“Am I right or wrong” is one of the best literacy activities for preschoolers that they absolutely love!

“Am I right or wrong” literacy activity

Materials: a container – box or bag with different objects in it (at least 5 objects).

You can use a simple shoebox or even any paper / plastic bag would work, as long as you put your time decorating it. Your box or bag should have some elements of “magic” – sparkles, colors, wrapping paper, etc. See how you can make a "Magic box for kids in 5 easy steps".


  1. Children react astonishingly to everything with magic. Their faces change, they are so focused, all their attention is yours. It’s really amazing to observe, but even more to be a part of it! It will be much more fun for your child to be involved in literacy activities for preschoolers that have some “magic” in it, and the more their attention you can get the better your results will be.
  2. Get the letters of alphabets that your objects begin with. For instance – “b” for banana, “p” for a pen, “l” for lemon. Put everything together in your "magic box".
  3. Take out one object and a letter that does not match. And say aloud – a “pen” starts with a sound “l” – “Am I right or wrong?” A child should say – “You are wrong!”
  4. Let your child pick an object and find which letter sound it starts with (remember the only letter sounds not letter names).
  5. You can continue this activity when you are done matching your first letter sound with all your objects. Keep your objects out and bring all of your letters. Take the first object, for example – a “banana”, starts with “b” and say – we have a first letter sound “b” let’s finish the word. What is the next sound you hear in this word? “a”? let’s find a letter “a”, What is the next sound? And so on. Try to find letter sounds for all of your objects.
  6. After you finish ask your child to help you clean up and separate all objects from letters, it will be a good sorting game for your child and a great help for you!

Animated A, B, C letters made in a shape of animals

As you learned you need a magic box in order to have a successful reading activity. A magic box is an amazing tool for gaining a child’s attention. You can use it in many other literacy activities for preschoolers. Check out how I made my “Magic box in 5 easy steps”.

Magic box for kids in 5 easy steps:

Materials: Shoebox, glue gun, sparkles, markers, pompons, plastic eyeballs, construction paper, glue stick, crystals.

Materials to make a "magic box" for children.


Step 1. Firstly, take a shoebox top and wrap it with construction paper. Also you can use any wrapping paper left overs if you have some left. Tape it nicely to the box top with a glue stick.

Adding construction papper to the cover of the "magic box".

Step 2. Secondly, start adding crystals to the sides of your magic box cover. You can add any other objects (pompons, eyeballs, threads) that you like to your box. We just prefer the "magical" look of crystals.

Adding crystals to the "magic box" for children.

Side of the "magic box" full of crystals.

Step 3. You can ask your child to help you out - maybe painting some flowers over the box with markers or crayons. As well  you can glue eyeballs on the box cover to make it appear “alive”. You can ask your child to draw a mouth, nose and hair to it. This way he/she would feel as this magic box was his/her artwork as well. Later, when looking at the box he/she will be recognizing their artwork. Therefore it will serve as a type of memory exercise to promote your child’s cognitive development and act as a memory booster.

Step 4. The top of you box is where all your child's attention will be! Therefore you should make it magical! We added crystals on the sides and in the centre in the shape of a flower.

Adding crystals to the cover of the magic box.

Crystals on the "magic box" in the shape of the flower.

Step 5. Then, you should wrap the rest of the box with construction paper. We choose green for the bottom, yellow and orange for the sides. Lastly, we added various sizes of pompons on the sides of the box top.

Adding construction papper to the "magic box" sides.

Adding pompons to the sidies of the box.

As a result, here you go - your own magic box is ready!

"Magic box" for kids in 5 steps

This is just an example of how can you make a magic box for kids yourself. You can try different materials and see what looks the most magical! You can use your "magical box" for almost every children's activity. Your child will be very fascinated and excited to be involved in activities with "magic"!