Magic Rug Reading And Spelling Games For Kids


An animated purple rug

Reading and spelling games for kids are a fun way of teaching reading. Reading should not be a routine boring process, as well as it should not be just a hectic game. Make sure you keep all of your reading materials and visual tools in a separate box. When writing by building words with your alphabet letters or wooden alphabet blocks we prefer not to do it on a bare table or on the floor – rather have a special "magical rug", which is only for making (writing) words. Let's start with preparing materials for our reading and spelling games with a "magic rug".

How to make a "magic rug"?

Materials: all you need is a rug (it should be medium, preferably a long rug or towel), sparkles, crystals, glue gun.


  1. First, take the rug, which should be long enough to fit alphabet wooden blocks or alphabet cards, and think about how you want to decorate it.
  2. To make the reading process special and interesting for children you need to add some colors to it. It’s known that children learn much faster when the process is happening in the form of a game rather than a duty, either at home or in the classroom.
  3. You can add threads, sparkles, crystals, etc. Glue them with a glue gun (that's the best choice here).
  4. We would suggest you glue all your decorations to the corners of the rug as we will need the area in the middle to be empty for writing our words with alphabet blocks.
  5. Make your "magical rug" really pretty - the imagination is all yours!
  6. Lastly, use alphabet letters or wooden alphabet blocks to create words or read simple sentences with your child on your magic rug. You can make alphabet letter cards yourself from carton or construction paper. Everything that is done by you with your own hands has its own sentimental value!

Colorful alphabet letters are great for spelling games

"Magic rug" reading and spelling game for kids


  1. In order to succeed in teaching reading, the reading process should be like a special occasion for your child. Something he/she is able to do now because they are growing and getting bigger. We usually explain to children that this rug is "magical" because letters become words on it. Children usually look back at us fascinated and excited. Always look for ways to grab your child’s attention.
  2. When working on a magic rug you can do the following. For instance, if you are using the word “fox” - start by showing your child a picture of a fox. Ask him/her what is the name of this animal. Then ask your child what is the first letter sound in the word “fox”. Ask your child to find and put the first letter on your magic rug. Ask your child what letter sound is it? If a child does not know, repeat a few times - this is a sound “f”. The next sound is “o”, let’s see what do we have on our carpet? “f-o”! Then put the last letter, it has a sound “ks”. By now your child should be able to read the whole word – “f-o-x”. Repeat this procedure with other words.
  3. While teaching your child the sounds of alphabet letters and creating words on your magic rug, it is a perfect time to explain to your child the difference between vowels and consonants. After you make and read out different words ask your child how many vowels and consonants are in it. Ask him/her to sort the whole alphabet by this criteria. This will be a great sorting activity for your kid.

C,H,I,L,D Alphabet blocks letters lined up on the table

"What is missing" kid's reading and spelling game 


  1. Children’s favorite reading and spelling game with blocks is “What is missing"? Make words on your magic rug with missing letters – like a c_p ( cup), a b_g (bag), a c_t(cat), a d_g (dog).
  2. Ask your child to find missing letters. Ask him/her whether missing letters are vowels or consonants?
  3. It will be good if all the objects you are naming are physically present in the room or you have a picture of them. Being able to see an object or a picture of it, is very important for children to memorize letter sounds and words. This is a great spelling game for kids.

Colorful alphabet letters for increasing vocabulary

"What is your name" reading and spelling activity with magic rug


  1.  Firstly, ask your child what is his/her name.
  2. Then ask him/her what is the first letter sound in their name?
  3. One by one collect all letter sounds that are present in his/her name.
  4. Lastly, ask your child what’s your name? Follow the same steps with your own name, your child’s relatives and best friends. When you are done, put all the names in the shape of towers and see whose name is longer and whose name is shorter. Count whose name has more consonants and whose name has more vowels.

Repeat these reading and spelling activities frequently. Evidently, children learn through repetition. Therefore, the more kids use the same materials and repeat the same reading and spelling games, the more they enjoy and memorize them.