Rainy Day Reading Activities For Kids

A picture of rainbow from a rainy day reading activity.

We all like nice and sunny weather! When the sun is shining, the sky is clear and there are lots of activities for children outdoors. But what to do with your child on a rainy day? Surely you can watch TV or play some computer games, but how healthy and educational is that for your child?

Luckily, there are great rainy day reading activities that you can enjoy with your child while it's raining cats and dogs outside!

Rainbow Time Reading Activity

Pencils of various colors.


crayons, scissors, white construction or regular paper, markers and sticky crystals, tape.

How To Play?

This activity is based on a parent to child communication. Children will be involved in rhyming, vocabulary, matching and guessing activities that will promote your child's language development, help him/her learn new words and develop their oratorical skills. Drawing, painting and other art activities will flourish your child's imagination, develop his/her fine motor skills and promote their inventiveness and intuitiveness.

1. Ask your child what he/she knows about rain? Ask what colors are clouds before the rain, ask your child to find matching colors in crayons and in markers. Discuss with a child how do you think you could spell these colors: "G-R-E-Y", "B-L-U-E", "W-H-I-T-E". Your child might come up with different versions of the colors for the sky. It is important to discuss different colors with your child to help him/her learn new words and enlarge their vocabulary.

Pencils with drops of rain.

2. Ask your child what precedes rain and what comes after it? Ask him/her whether they saw a rainbow before?

3. Offer your child to draw the rainbow together. Ask him/her about what colors are in the rainbow and find them among crayons and markers. For those who have forgotten, the rainbow looks like this.

4. Start painting your own rainbow on a piece of white paper. While starting a new color, ask your child whether he/she has seen something painted in this color? Can he/she name a fruit or vegetable of this color?

5. Once your rainbow is finished decorate it with sticky crystals and gems.

Rain often makes us feel sad and blue. That is why we are going to stick our rainbows to the window with clear tape. If there is no sunshine outside you can always create it yourself!

Now, as your child has learned the main colors (and their sequence) of a rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet you can have even more fun! Create a short rhyming poem with your child about each color. If your child is having trouble creating a whole line by themselves just ask him/her to finish your line with a final word! It can look like this.

Red is on my ... (bed) / Ask your child to find some red toys on his/her bed/
Orange is in my ... (storage) / Ask your child to find something orange in your pantry/
Pasture is green, what a beautiful ... (scene) / Look together for green objects around you /
Yellow is as sweet as ... (mellow) / Ask your child about other fruits that are yellow /
Green is crisp and ... (clean) / Count up to 5 green vegetables together /
The sky is blue and the sun is shining ... (through)  / Ask your child whether he/she ever feels blue /
Darker than blue? Indigo color is here for ... (you!) / Ask your child whether he/ she ever saw indigo color in nature /
Flowers are violet, said an airplane ... (pilot) / Has your child ever been on the plane? Ask him/her about their experience /

Rainy day reading activities can definitely cheer your day up and let you enjoy those precious moments with your child!