Fun Summer Activities For Kids

Summer activities for kids at the beach.

Summer activities for kids are not just educational, bonding and exciting time that you spend with your kids. It is something your children will remember the whole year till the next summer - something that will warm their hearts in the cold winter days!

Summertime brings to our life an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more than any other season. That is why I always try to make sure kids take advantage of this time of the year. There is so much to do in the summer that sometimes I lose count of all the activities we have done! But let’s focus on the most popular summer ideas for kids.

Summer Activities For Kids: 10 Things To Do Over The Summer

1. Go to the beach!

A mother and a child on the beach.

Who does not love the beach? Kids have an amazing ability to enjoy even the coldest water, create their own games with waves, build sandcastles and other structures - and they never seemed to be bored of them!

2. Go to the park!

Find a park that is the most kids friendly. Some parks have playgrounds, added summer activities for kids like attractions, ice cream trucks, and cotton candies!

3. Go on the hike!

A child is hiking in the park.

Take your child on a beautiful hike. Teach him/her new things about nature and natural ecology of your region! Let your child learn new names of the trees, flowers, and berries to enlarge their vocabulary and to promote language development. You can find the best hikes here and choose your favorite trails.

4. Go berry picking!

Find out nearby U-Pick farms. It can be a great fine motor activity for your child. Developing small hand muscles in kids is very important for the cognitive development of your child. Moreover, it will be a great summer activity for preschoolers as they can learn more about farming and how we get our food.

5. Grow your own vegetables!

I know, it could be challenging if you live in the apartment complex, but it is still possible. Get some containers, soil and go to the local garden center and choose some seeds. Even if you are growing your vegetables on the balcony or on the window sill it is still an exciting experience for your child! Seeing how vegetable grows from seed will be new and exciting for your child. Taking care of the plants and watering them every day will teach your child to be responsible, will promote his/her curiosity and eagerness to learn new thing, and also work as a memory booster.

6. Get your kid a summer house!

If you are handy you might be even able to build a treehouse yourself. However, this task might be overwhelming for most people. Luckily, nowadays there are plenty of summer tents, that are similar to regular camping tents but are better. Summer tent pops up automatically and you can easily fold them back and does not require any assembly, they are light and breathable. You kids can have their own little house on the patio or backyard! They will love it!

7. Go to a farmers market!

A child is looking at the cow in the farm.

Visiting farmers market will be a fun activity for both kids and adults! Children can enjoy food tasting, music, learn more about farming and why we should eat local produce. When you get to know the farmers, you can even ask them to take you and your child on the farm tour. It will give your child an opportunity to see and learn about various animals.

8. Go to the aqua park!

Summer activities for kids in the aqua park.

Water parks with numerous pools and water slides will be an exciting way of spending time for you and your kids!

9. Go fishing!

Going on fishing tours could be a completely different experience for your child. Your child can learn more about water life, learn new words and new processes.

10. Have a face painting play date!

A mother is face painting a child's face.

Invite your child’s friends from a preschool over on a special play date! Use some of the friendship activities to help your child to make friends, socialize and be more outgoing! Get a face paint kit for kids – it usually comes with everything you will need – paints, brushes, and various designs. Get creative because children just love face painting.

Summertime is a great opportunity to bond with your child while being involved in fun outdoor summer activities for kids. Summer activities do not just educate and develop children, they broaden children's horizons and inspire them to learn and to discover!