Vocabulary Game For Kids “What Can I See”?

A child is playing games in the park near red flowers.

A vocabulary game can create a fun and educational activity for your kids. For me, spring is so inspiring! As always I am impatiently waiting for spring to come after winter, for warm weather to finally settle down and for flowers to start blossoming. And I can see how kids are waiting as well – they are so excited when they finally have a chance to spend some time outside, to be able to play in the yard without their cheeks being frozen.

Now that kids are spending so much time outside I decided to make outdoor time more educational for them. Well, why not learn new words while they are playing? I noticed a long time ago, that kids are definitely memorizing words much faster if they learn them through interactive games.

Alphabet letters hanging on a string.

Vocabulary Game “What Can I see”?

So I created a vocabulary game called “What Can I See”? Kids get very excited when you offer them a trip to the park, and being excited makes them more attentive - this is great for memorizing information!

Where To Play?

The ideal location for the game would be a park, forest or a garden. Somewhere where the natural beauty of surroundings blossoms with lots of trees, leaves, and flowers. If there are absolutely no parks nearby, your own green lawn or back yard will work.

Children playing a vocabulary game outside in the park.

How Many People Can Play?

Any amount of players can take part in a game. But better to keep it to up to 3-5 kids and at least one adult. More than that - it tends to get very crowded. It can be just your child and yourself as well.

How To Play?

  1. First of all, you need to find a nice spot in the park close to various flowers and trees. Then you should head out to that spot with your children.
  2. Then, children should stand in a circle. You ask the first child to go inside the circle and close his/her eyes. Your child needs to turn three times with his/her eyes closed and point a finger in any direction.
  3. Then your child says: “One, two, three – what can I see” and opens his/her eyes. Your child can be pointing at the various types of flowers, trees or even birds and bugs!

A child is pointing finger.

  1. After that, your child needs to name the object that he/she is pointing at.
  2. Because it is a vocabulary game where children are learning – be ready to help children out with various names and terms! Do your homework and check out which flowers and trees growing in the park where you are going to play.
  3. It is such an entertaining way of learning new words! Many children in front of my eyes learned words like tulips, lilies, daisies. Now they can even distinguish a few types of trees like a pine tree, oak, birch, etc.
  4. Later at home, you can try to spell newly learned words with wooden blocks or alphabet cards. Ask your child how many vowels and consonants are in them.

Don't underestimate this vocabulary game for kids, it will not only help your child to learn new words - it will help him/her to learn how to read as well. Because when children are learning new words their interest towards early literacy and reading is growing accordingly. Enjoy spring time with your kids and have fun playing the game!