What Is Youtube Kids And Why Should You Use It?

Youtube Kids app open on a mac screen.

With technologies evolving rapidly more and more media channels (like Youtube Kids) are opening up. Children love bright pictures and get drawn to a “screen world” fast. This raises the question of Internet safety and health concerns.

Irene, a mother of two – 3-years old Jack and 4-years old Kay got concerned over what her children might find on the Internet while playing games on the smartphone. “You know, sometimes an inappropriate ad comes up even if you set parental control on your phone”- she said in despair. Her concern was very well known to me, as many parents have addressed it in the past.

The good news is that Youtube has created a separate channel specifically designed for kids. It is filled with family-friendly videos made for children of all ages. It does not only have built-in parental control, but it is also customized for children of different ages. Thus, preschoolers (up to 4-years old), younger children (5 to 7-years old) and older children (8 to 12-years old) will be suggested all different kinds of videos.

Youtube Kids not only keeps your child entertained while giving you a moment for yourself. It is designed to promote your child’s development, lighten his/her curiosity and creativity.

How Much “Screen Time” Your Child Should Be Spending?

A child is playing with iPad.

According to CBS News, parents should reduce children’s screen time. Children and teenagers spend approximately seven hours a day looking at screens. However, the American Heart Association (AHA) suggests that children of that age should not be exposed to a screen for longer than two hours a day. And children of younger age are even more sensitive. Children of 2 to 5-years of age should be only spending a maximum of 1 hour a day in front of the screen.

How to limit your child’s screen time?

A kid is playing Youtube Kids on the iPad.

That is easy to do with Youtube Kids. You could limit your child’s screen time manually in Youtube Kids Settings menu.

Feeling like your child spends to much time online? Youtube Kids worries about that too! Apparently, Youtube has created a set of educational resources that aim to develop healthy digital habits in your child.

What Is Youtube Kids And How To Get It?

Youtube Kids is an app that you can download here for free. With numerous reading, language, mathematical and art activities Youtube Kids offers you a digital preschool from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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